Sumitomo Electric’s Global Internship Program 2019 starts recruiting

Sumitomo Electric is offering a unique program that gives students the opportunity to gain practical experience at our R&D labs and Corporate headquarters in Japan. There are 23 positions available for the program of 2019. Recruiting starts on January 15 and the application deadline is Feb 4.

For more information, please visit our recruiting site. (URL TBD)


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Sumitomo Electric to partner with GoMentum station

Sumitomo Electric is the first automotive supplier to partner with GoMentum Station to test Autonomous and Connected vehicle technologies. Sumitomo Electric’s research and development subsidiary in Silicon Valley, Innovation Core SEI, leads the collaboration.

“Sumitomo Electric products form the ‘nervous systems’ of the latest vehicles, and our efforts with GoMentum Station complement testing at our own testbeds in Japan and elsewhere,” explains Mark Jansen, head of Autonomous and Connected Vehicles for Sumitomo in Silicon Valley. “Our goal is to test future vehicle developments in real-world settings, safely and at scale. GoMentum Station offers a uniquely realistic setting close to our Silicon Valley lab, and we’re looking forward to accelerating our advanced technology testing at this world-class proving ground.”

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