Environment and Energy

Redox Flow Battery

Redox flow batteries are expected to serve as a technology to stabilize the power grids that will be needed to expand the introduction of renewable energy.  With a long history of research and development for Redox Flow Battery, Sumitomo Electric is the leading player for this technology and had successfully run many pilot projects worldwide including the recent project with NEDO and SDG&E in California.

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Redox Flow Battery Product Features

Sumitomo Electric Starts Demonstration of Storage Battery System for Power Grid in California

Sumitomo Electric Supplies Redox Flow Battery to Taiwan Power Research Institute

60MWh System Installed for Hokkaido Electric Power


The sEMSA™ is an energy management system with an original architecture. The sEMSA™ enables an aggregator, such as an electric power service provider, to build a system that bundles demand and to collectively manage energy resources and adjust power supply with demand response, thereby obtaining economic benefits.

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sEMSA™ Product Features

ENERGYMATE™-Factory Incorporating Sumitomo Electric’s sEMSA™ Receives the Minister of the Environment Award at JECA Fair 2017

SEVD™-Series DC Quick Charger Connector for EV

Sumitomo Electric’s SEVD™-Series is a CHAdeMO ver 1.0 compatible DC quick charger connector for EV.  Equipped with our proprietary function, the SEVD™-Series ensures a high level of safety required for quick chargers that transmit a considerably higher level of electric energy than general home appliances. This new EV quick charger connector provides not only a high level of safety but also excellent operability, high durability and excellent design.

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SEVD™-Series Product Features

Concentrator Photovoltaic System

This power generation system is suitable for high solar radiation (DNI > 6.5) and high temperature areas. The module efficiency of this system is approximately double compared with traditional silicon photovoltaic. The CPV system is expected to become the next-generation photovoltaic generator.

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CPV Product Features

Sumitomo Electric Starts Operation of CPV Pilot Plant in Morocco


Celmet™ is a porous metal in which triangular-prism-shaped cells are interconnected to form a three-dimensional structure having continuous pores. The products are available as nickel, nickel alloy and some other metal materials and under world’s largest production. Celmet™ is widely used in various industry fields. Applications include electrodes for Ni-MH batteries and hydrogen generators, components for fuel cells (PEFC/SOFC), catalyst carriers, grease filters, etc.

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Celmet™ The Porous Metal