Optical Interconnect

We develop optical interconnect technology/products to support the ever increasing demand of optical communication system driven by datacenter and telecommunication industries. The expertized area is NEW optical fiber/cable, NEW optical connectors, like dust insensitive or low fitting force multiple connector.

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Fiber Optic Interconnect Solution for Board to Board and On Board


Teralink™ is a heat-resistant transparent thermoplastic polymer that can withstand surface mount processes (reflow). Based on Sumitomo’s original electron beam irradiation cross-linking technology, Teralink™ is ideal for use as plastic lens for optical communication engines or transceivers as well as SMT-type LEDs.

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Technical digest of Teralink™

Teralink™ S

Infrared Lightsource/ Detector

Sumitomo Electric offers unique light source and detectors beyond the optical communication band, which are applied for optical sensing, thermal sensing application using InGaAs/GaAsSb Quantum well  image sensor (1.0-2.5 micron), InAs/GaSb Quantum well image sensor (3-6, 8-15 micron), Quantum Cascade Laser (7.3-7.5 micron).

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